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1. Which Country Guinness World Record for highest altitude fashion show event ?

A- India

B- Nepal

C- China

D- Pakistan

Ans-  B

2. Who has been Conferred with D Lit Degree by Calcutta University ?

A- Dr. N Kumar

B- Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee

C- Arvind Prakash Maheshwari

D- Samant Goel

Ans –  B

3. Which Indian Cyclist win Gold at Berlin Cycling Tournament ?

A- Escow Alben

B- Sushil Verma

C- Jyoti Amge

D- None of These

Ans-   A

4. Which Country offered to be a mediator between India & Pakistan to resolve the issues ?

A- China


C- South Korea

D- Nepal

Ans-  D

5. Who has been Appointed as new General manager of Western Railway ?

A- Alok Kansal

B- Dilip Shanghvi

C- Shiv Nadar

D- Sanjeev Mittal

Ans-  A

6. Who has been appointed as MD & CEO of Canara Bank ?

A- Nanda Kishor Pun

B- Prasad Sharma

C- L V Prabhakar

D- T N Manoharan

Ans-   C

7. Who has been appointed as new Chief Executive Officer Essar Oil UK ?

A- James Stanley

B- Mark Wilson

C- Mike Wirth

D- Jhon D. Rockefeller

Ans-  B

8. Former ___ team Captain Sunita Chandra Passed away, he was Related to Which Sports ?

A- Cricket

B- Volleyball

C- Basketball

D- Hockey

Ans-   D

9. India’s Railway 1st Waste to Energy Plant Commissioned in Which Indian City ?

A- Kolkata

B- Puri

C- Bhubaneswar

D- Meerut

Ans-   C

10. The World Largest Meditation Centre recently inaugurated in Which Country ?

A- India

B- Japan

C- Bangladesh

D- China

Ans-   A

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