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1. The Supreme Court of India recently permitted to introduce which animal to Indian habitat from Namibia?

A-  African elephant

B- African Lion

C- African Cheetah

D- African Rhinoceros

Ans- A

2. How many wetlands in India were recently added to the ‘Ramsar Site’ list?

A- 8

B- 10

C- 12

D- 14

Ans- B

3. The tableau of which state has won the Best Tableaux awards for Republic Day Parade, 2020?

A- Odisha

B- Uttar Pradesh

C- Gujarat

D- Assam

Ans- D

4. Who was recently appointed as the Ambassador of India to the United States?

A-  Harsh Vardhan

B- ShringlaJai Shankar

C- Taranjit Singh Sandhu

D- Vijay Gokhale

Ans- C

5. The recently launched Bhuvan Panchayat web portal’s new version 3.0 uses the technology of which organisation?

A- Indian Space Research Organisation

B- Defence Research and Development Organisation

C- Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

D- Bharat Electronics Limited

Ans- A

6. Which Hindi word is chosen as the ‘Oxford Hindi Word of 2019’ by the Oxford University Press?

A-  Samriddhi

B- Samvidhaan

C- Sampriti

D- Sammaan

Ans- B

7. Which Indian cueist won the title at the Senior National Billiards Championship, which was his career’s 33rd National title?

A- Saurav Kothari

B- Pankaj Advani

C- Dhvaj Haria

D- Geet Sethi

Ans- B

8. Union Social Justice Minister has recently inaugurated the Composite Regional Centre for empowerment of persons with disabilities in which city?

A-  Hyderabad

B- Port Blair

C- Chennai

D- Kochi

Ans- B

9. The skill development centre to train tribals, named ‘Sardar Valabhbhai Patel Centre for Empowerment and Livelihoods’, is to be set up in which state?

A- Uttar Pradesh

B- Gujarat

C- Rajasthan

D- Chhattisgarh

Ans- B

10. Who was recently appointed as the Foreign Secretary of India?

A-  Harsh Vardhan Shringla

B- Jai Shankar

C- Vijay Gokhale

D- Ruchi Ghanashyam

Ans- A

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