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1.Who chaired Financial Stability and Development Council meet?

A- President 

B- Union Finance Minister 

C- Union Home Minister 

D- RBI Governor 

Ans-    B

2. The book titled “The lckabog” has been released Online, its Author is ?

A- V Krishna Swami

B- Sudha Murti

C- Girish Kubair

D- JK Rowling 

Ans-    D

3. In which of the following year Financial Stability and Development Council was set up?

A- 2010

B- 2012

C- 2014

D- 2016

Ans-    A

4. Flip cart tied up With Which States General department to support Mango farmers ?

A- Hyderabad 

B- Andhra Pradesh 

C- Uttar Pradesh 

D- Karnataka 

Ans-    D

5. On which of the following date International Day of UN Peacekeepers is celebrated every year?

A- 28 July 

B- 12 May

C- 06 May

D- 29 May

Ans-     D

6. Which State Government will launch a “State Health Register” to collect data of all its citizens?

A- Rajasthan 

B- Bihar 

C- Karnataka 

D- Andhra Pradesh 

Ans-    B

7. Which State Government organized a webinar on Van Dhan Yojana : COVID-19 ke baad sabak ?

A- Rajasthan 

B- West Bengal 

C- Odisha 

D- Madhya Pradesh 

Ans-    A

8. In which of the following state New Fresh water fish “Punitus Sanctus” is found?

A- Bihar 

B- Kerala 

C- Telangana 

D- Tamil Nadu 

Ans-    D

9. Where is the headquarters of World Health Organisation?

A- London 

B- Rome

C- Geneva

C- Paris 

Ans-    C

10. Where is the Capital of Myanmar?

A- Colombo

B- Naypyitaw 

C- Kabul 

D- Kathmandu 

Ans-    B

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