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1.International Day of The Tropics is observed every year on _________.

A- 26 June

B- 27 June

C- 28 June

D- 29 June

Ans-    D

2. Which State/ UT Started sero Survey ?

A- Himachal Pradesh 

B- Rajasthan 

C- New Delhi 

D- Maharashtra 

Ans-   C

3. Malawi’s opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera recently, won presidential election re-run of Malawi. What is the capital of Malawi?

A- Lilongwe 

B- Gitega

C- Dodoma

D- Kigali

Ans-   A

4. Which Bank has announced the launch of digital wallet mobile app named Yuva Pay ?

A- Karnataka Bank 

B- Yes Bank 


D- Indusland Bank 

Ans-   B

5. Which of the following countries has recently signed an executive order to prosecute those who damage national monuments, making it a punishable offence with up to 10 years in jail?

A- Japan 

B- China 


D- Bangladesh 

Ans-   C

6. Which of the following country has the chair of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)?

A- Laos

B- Vietnam 

C- Singapore 

D- Philippines 

Ans-   B

7. Which State Government announced the launch of Adarsh Police Station and Adarsh Police Station in-charge scheme ?

A- Chhatisgarh 

B- Madhya Pradesh 

C- Rajasthan 

D- Uttar Pradesh 

Ans-   A

8. National Statistics Day is observed every year on ________.

A- 28 June

B- 29 June

C- 30 June

D- 27 June

Ans-   B

9. Which of the following state government will launch a ‘Kill Corona’ campaign from July 1 to control the spread of coronavirus in the state?

A- Maharashtra 

B- Telangana 

C- Andhra Pradesh 

D- Madhya Pradesh 

Ans-    D

10. PhonePe has recently tied-up with which of the following banks for UPI multi-bank model?

A- HDFC Bank 

B- ICICI Bank 

C- Axis Bank 

D- Indusland Bank 

Ans-   B

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