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1.International Dance Day is observed every year on _________.

A- 28 April 

B- 29 April 

C- 27 April 

D- 30 April 

Ans-    B

2. Air military training exercise called ‘Pitch Black’ is conducted between India and Which Country ?

A- Japan 

B- Australia 

C- Srilanka 

D- Thailand 

Ans-    B

3. Recently, Imran Ismail has been tested positive for COVID-19. He was the governor of a province of _________.

A- Bhutan 

B- Bangladesh 

C- Pakistan 

D- Afghanistan 

Ans-    C

4. With whom has Airtel tied up to increase its network capacity ?



C- Reliance Jio

D- Nokia 

Ans-    D

5. Government has allowed employees of IT companies to work from home till ________.

A- 31 May

B- 30 May

C- 31 July 

D- 30 November 

Ans-    C

6. Portal of Kedarnath Dham in Uttarakhand opened. Kedarnath Dham is near the bank of ________ river.

A- Pindar

B- Nandakini

C- Mandakini

D- Alaknanda

Ans-    C

7. Who has Celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope ?



C- Space X


Ans-   D 

8. NLC India has commenced coal production at its Talabira-II and III Opencast Coal Mine.  Talabira-II and III mines are in _______.

A- Odisha 

B- Assam 

C- Bihar 

D- Jharkhand 

Ans-    A

9. Numaligarh Refinery Ltd begins operations with precautions. Numaligarh Refinery is in ________.

A- Nagaland 

B- Assam 

C- Karnataka 

D- Maharashtra 

Ans-    B

10. Which of the following state has launched the ‘Jagananna Vidya Deevena’?

A- Andhra Pradesh 

B- Uttar Pradesh 

C- Rajasthan 

D- Gujarat 

Ans-    A

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