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1.International Day of Action for Women’s Health is observed every year on _________.

A- 26 May

B- 28 May

C- 26 May

D- 25 May

Ans-    B

2. Who will be awarded the UN Military Gender Advocate of the Year Award 2019 ?

A- Rajiv Joshi 

B- Saurabh Lodha

C- Akshay Kumar 

D- Major Suman

Ans-   D

3. China will launch its first Mars mission named as _________.

A- Tianwen- 1

B- ExoMars

C- Dragonfly

D- Hope Mars Mission 

Ans-     A

4. Which State Government tied up With Indian Post for logistic and door step delivery of royal lychees and mangoes ?

A- Chhatisgarh 

B- Madhya Pradesh 

C- Bihar 

D- Jammu Kashmir 

Ans-   C

5. Which of the following state governments has decided to develop 800 km roads as Herbal roads?

A- Haryana 

B- Uttar Pradesh 

C- Madhya Pradesh 

D- Rajasthan 

Ans-    B

6. Which of the following company has launched a “WhatsApp chatbot” to address rights issue queries of its 2.6 million shareholders on the offering?

A- Tata Group 

B- Indian Oil Corporation 

C- Reliance Industries Ltd

D- State Bank of India 

Ans-    C

7. China Tests its First unnamed drone helicopter, named ?

A- AR 500C

B- BR 500C

C- CR 500C

D- DR 500C

Ans-   A

8. Recently, SEBI has imposed a penalty of Rs 7,00,000 on NHAI  for delay in making timely disclosure about financial results. Who among the following is the current chairperson of SEBI?

A- Ajay Tyagi 

B- MR Kumar 

C- Harsh Kumar Bhanwala

D- Subhash Chandra Khuntia

Ans-    A

9. Which of the following e-commerce company has recently signed an MoU with Karnataka Mango Board to help farmers sell online?

A- Amazon 

B- Paytm 

C- Zomato 

D- Flipkart 

Ans-    D

10. Recently, R. Shanmugam passed away. He was associated with which of the following sports?

A- Cricket 

B- Hockey 

C- Football 

D- Chess

Ans-    C

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