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1.World Hepatitis Day is observed every year on _______.

A- 27 July 

B- 28 July 

C- 25 July 

D- 26 July 

Ans-    B

2. Recently, Hichem Mechichi has been appointed as the Prime minister of ________.

A- Sudan 

B- Algeria 

C- Libya 

D- Tunisia 

Ans-    D

3. India begins reconstruction of 300-year-old Sree Sree Joy Kali Matar Temple in which of the following country?

A- Nepal 

B- Bangladesh 

C- Afghanistan 

D- Srilanka 

Ans-    B

4. According to the UN World Wildlife Crime Report, India along with ________ contributes 82 percent of the total whole tiger equivalents seized in the world.

A- Indonesia 

B- Nepal 

C- Thailand 

D- Vietnam 

Ans-    C

5. To boost exports, India has decided to setup its own Cotton Warehouse in ________.

A- Singapore 

B- Vietnam 

C- Myanmar 

D- Maldives 

Ans-    B

6. The Indian government has launched its dedicated mobile-based application _______ which will relay weather forecasts and warnings for multiple cities and locations.





Ans-    A

7. Who among the following assumed charge as the Commandant, Indian Naval Academy (INA)?

A- Harjindar Singh Jinda

B- Milind Mohan Mokashi

C- Ved Prakash Malik

D- MA Hampiholi

Ans-   D

8. Recently, John Saxon passed away. He was a famous ________.

A- Writter

B- Film Maker

C- Actor 

D- Cartoonist 

Ans-    C

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