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1. Which legendary Indian sportsperson was awarded with the prestigious ‘Padma Vibhushan’ award recently?

A-  Sachin Tendulkar

B- Dhanraj Pillai

C- M C Mary Kom

D- Abhinav Bindra

Ans- C

2. How many personalities were selected for the ‘Padma Bhushan’ award, on the republic day 2020?

A- 14

B- 15

C- 16

D- 17

Ans- C

3. ‘The National Tourism Conference’ of the year 2020 was recently organised in which Indian city?

A-  Varanasi

B- Konark

C- Shimla

D- Leh

Ans- B

4. Mark Rutte, who was seen in news recently, is the Prime Minister of which country?


B- Netherlands

C-= France

D- Italy

Ans- B

5. Which city plays host to the annual event ‘Bharat Parv, 2020’ which celebrates the spirit of India?

A- Mumbai

B- New Delhi

C- Ahmedabad

D- Jaipur

Ans- A

6. National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR) has recently partnered with which global organisation to establish a ‘Communication Resource Unit’?

A- World Bank



D- International Monetary Fund

Ans- B

7. India’s first and biggest walk-through aviary with over 100 species of birds, was recently inaugurated in which city?

A-  Mumbai

B- Guwahati

C- Bengaluru

D- Thiruvananthapuram

Ans- A

8. What is the name of the national award, that is given to a person for meritorious act of human nature in saving the life of a person?

A- Jeevan Raksha Padak

B- Raksha Puraskar

C- Jeevan Shakti Padak

D- Bharat Jeevan Padak

Ans- A

9. ‘Shiv Bhojan’ scheme, which is aimed at providing a meal to the poor at subsidised rates, was recently launched in which state?

A-  Uttar Pradesh

B- Bihar

C- Maharashtra

D- Karnataka

Ans- B

10. Sher Singh Kukkal, who passed away recently, was a famous personality in which field?

A-  Politics

B- Sports

C- Art

D- Business

Ans- C

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