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1.National Science Day is observed every year on _________.

A- 27 February

B- 28 February

C- 26 February

D- 25 February

Ans-    B

2.Which city was the venue of “Microsoft Future Decoded – CEO Summit”?

A- Gurugram

B- Chennai

C- New Delhi

D- Mumbai

Ans-    D

3.India’s first ‘Protein Day’ was observed on _________.

A- 25 February

B- 26 February

C- 27 February

D- 28 February

Ans-    C

4.Which city hosted the four-day ‘International Conference on Banana’ organised by ICAR ?

A- Tiruchirappalli

B- Gandhi Nagar

C- Cochin

D- Thiruvananthapuram

Ans-    A

5. The sixth offshore patrol vessel ‘VAJRA’ to enhance coastal security was launched at ________.

A- Kolkata

B- Mumbai

C- Chennai

D- Kochi

Ans-    C

6. Which of the following state has recently decided to undertake the genetic study to conserve the native species of cattle ?

A- Maharashtra

B- Jharkhand

C- Kerala

D- Haryana

Ans-   A

7. Which country organised a training course on ‘Vessel Search Technique’ for Indian Coast Guard and Customs personnel at Chennai ?

A- Oman

B- Australia

C- Japan

D- Qatar

Ans-    B

8. As of 2020, the largest cricket stadium of the world is located in which country ?

A- India

B- Australia

C- South Africa

D- New Zealand

Ans-   A

9. Recently, Defence Minister has inaugurated a new Light Combat Helicopter Production Hangar at HAL Complex in ________.

A- Pune

B- Ranchi

C- Surat

D- Bengaluru

Ans-    D

10. According to the Hurun Global Rich List report, India has ranked at ________ in terms of number of billionaires on the list ?

A- 7th

B- 3rd

C- 5th

D- 9th

Ans-    B

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