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1.Which fighter aircraft, that was recently retired, is also known as Bahadur?

[A] MiG 27

[B] Tejas

[C] Mirage 2000

[D] Gulfstream

Answer: A

2.Which tropical storm is also known by the name of Typhoon Ursula?

[A] Typhoon Kammuri

[B] Typhoon Phanfone

[C] Typhoon Nakri

[D] Typhoon Bualoi


3.The centre is consulting with the states and UTs for the 2020 Shehri Samriridhi Ursav – which is used to create awareness about which government initiative?




[D] National Rural Livelihood Mission

Answer: A

4.The government recently made Aadhaar linking for Vaya Vandana Yojana mandatory. Who are the beneficiaries under this Vaya Vandana Yojana?

[A] Widowsof the armed personnel

[B] Senior citizens

[C] physically challenged persons

[D] Destitute women


5.Who is the world’s longest serving president, recently in news when IMF asked him to declare his assets before availing financial assistance?

[A] Teodoro Mbasogo

[B] Robert Mugabe

[C] Hun Sen

[D] Hassanal Bolkiah

Answer: A

6.Mauritius accused UK of committing ‘Crimes against Humanity’ for refusing to allow people to return to their homes. This accusation is in referenceto which island?

[A] Bougainville [

B] Sri Lanka

[C] Chagos

[D] Kiribati


7.Japan recently announced a rare overseas mission to protect their merchant ships in which region?

[A] Strait of Hormuz

[B] Gulf of Oman

[C] PacificOcean

[D] South China Sea


8.Which state/ UT celebrated the Losar Festival recently?

[A] Telangana

[B] Meghalaya

[C] Puducherry

[D] Ladakh


9.Shirodhara, which was recently highlighted by the health ministry, is most associated with which therapy?

[A] Ayurveda

[B] Rigpa

[C] Unani

[D] Traditional Chinese Medicine


10.The Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, near which an earthquake struck recently, is in which country?

[A] Iran

[B] Iraq

[C] Saudi Arabia

[D] Kuwait

Answer: A

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