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1.World Theatre Day is observed every year on ________.

A- 26 March 

B- 27 March

C- 28 March 

D- 29 March 

Ans-    B

2. ‘Clara’ is an AI bot which helps to test COVID-19 Itself, in which Country it has been launched ?

A- China 

B- Italy 

C- Spain 

D- America 

Ans-    D

3. Which of the following institute has launched Project ‘Isaac’ to engage students in creative projects during Corona lockdown ?

A- IIM Ahmedabad 

B- IIM Lucknow 

C- IIT Gandhinagar 

D- IIT Kanpur 

Ans-    C

4. Which is the First State in the Country to Undergo Complete lockdown due to Coronavirus ?

A- Kerala 

B- Rajasthan 

C- Maharashtra 

D- Punjab 

Ans-    B

5. In response to the coronavirus-induced crisis, The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cut in the repo rate, and brought it down to________.

A- 4.4%

B- 4.6%

C- 4.7%

D- 4.0%

Ans-    A 

6. Govt has postponed Census 2021, NPR update amid coronavirus crisis. Census 2021 was scheduled to be carried out from ________.

A- 01 July 

B- 01 June 

C- 01 May

D- 01 April 

Ans-    D

7. Who launched Polisys Trekker to monitor countries Economic responses ?





Ans-     B

8. Which of the following company has tied up with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to introduce an AI bot called ‘Clara’ to help people assess potential symptoms of COVID-19 ?

A- Microsoft 

B- Apple 


D- Google 

Ans-    A

9. Initiated the Initiative #StayhomeIndiawithBooks ?


B- Niti Aayog 

C- Government of Punjab 


Ans-    D

10. Recently, Satish Gujral passed away. He was a/an ________.

A- Journalist 

B- Politician 

C- Artist

D- Cricketer 

Ans-    C


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