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1. World NGO day is observed every year on _______.

A- 24 February 

B- 25 February 

C- 26 February 

D- 27 February 

Ans-    D 

2. What is the current number of members in the BIMSTEC grouping ?

A- 5

B- 6

C- 7

D- 8

Ans-    C

3. Recently, Air India has evacuated 119 Indians stranded on board due to the novel Coronavirus from a Japanese cruise ship named as ________.

A- Diamond Princess 

B- Allure of the Seas

C- Carnival Sunrise 

D- Harmony of the Seas 

Ans-    A 

4. Which of the following African countries has been recently listed in the FATF’s grey list ?

A- Gabon

B- Algeria 

C- Kenya

D- Mauritius 

Ans-   D 

5. International Conference on Standardisation of AYUSH Terminologies ‘ICoSDiTAUS-2020’  took place in ________.

A- Ranchi 

B- Kolkata 

C- New Delhi 

D- Chennai 

Ans-    C

6. In which city, India’s Central Vista project, that was recently in news, is coming up ?

A- Mumbai 

B- New Delhi 

C- Pune 

D- Hyderabad 

Ans-   B

7. In February 2020, Who among the following has been appointed India’s next envoy to France ?

A- Jawed Ashraf

B- Akshat Mohan

C- Rahul Jaiswal

D- Ajay Tripathi

Ans-    A 

8. Antihydrogen, which was recently in news, is composed of __ ?

A- Nuetron & Proton

B- Neutrino & Neutron

C- Positron & Antiproton

D- Positron & Proton

Ans-    C

9. Recently, Maria Sharapova has announced her retirement. She was associated with which  of the following sports ?

A- Hockey 

B- Tennis 

C- Badminton 

D- Long Jump 

Ans-    B 

10. Joint IAF- RAF EX ‘Indradhanush – V’ will take place at________.

A- Air Force Station Agra

B- Air Force Station Port Blair 

C- Air Force Station Jodhpur

D- Air Force Station Hindan

Ans-   D 

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