Today current affairs !! 26 October 2019

Today Current Affairs !! Today GK 

1. Rank of India in 2019 Ease of Doing Business rankings?

a) 56th 
b) 63rd 
c) 68th 
d) 78th

Ans:- B

2. which State recently adopt Kanya Sumangala Yojana?

a) Gujarat 
b) Bihar 
c) Punjab 
d) Uttar Pradesh 

Ans:- D

3. India’s batsman Who has become the third Indian batsman to enter the top list in all formats 

a) Virat Kohli 
b) Ajinkya Rahane
c) Rohit Sharma 
d) Ravindra Jadeja 

Ans:- C

4. The BJP won how many seats in Maharashtra assembly elections?
a) 105
b) 120
c) 115
d) 95

ANs:- A

 5. Aaditya Thackeray, the Yuva Sena chief has won by over 67,000 votes from which seat?
a) Bhokar 
b) Karad South 
c) Parli 
d) Worli 

Ans:- D

6. Who among the following key candidates lost the Maharashtra assembly election 2019?
a) Chandrakant Patil 
b) Pankaja Munde
c) Dhananjay Munde 
d) Rohit Pawar

Ans:- B

7. Which among the following became the first kerosene-free district of Gujarat?
a) Jamnagar
b) Junagadh
c) Porbandar
d) Gandhinagar

Ans:- D

8. When is the National Unity Day celebrated in India?
a) 25th October
b) 27th October
c) 29th October
d) 31st October

Ans:- D

9. The Union Government recently relaxed the norms for setting up Petrol Pumps. As per the norms, which companies will be allowed to run Petrol Pumps?
a) Non-oil companies
b) Manufacturing Companies
c) IT Companies
d) Outsourcing companies

Ans:- A

10. Which party won the maximum seats in Haryana?
a) BJP
b) Congress
c) JJP
d) Independents

Ans:- A

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