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1. The first edition of Ganga-Volga dialogue was recently held in New Delhi, to enhance the bilateral co-operation between India and which country?

A-  China

B- Russia

C- Nepal

D- Bangladesh

Ans- B

2. The International Summit on Women in STEM– “Visualizing the Future: New Skylines”, was recently held in which city?

A-  Mumbai

B- New Delhi

C- Hyderabad

D- Kolkata

Ans- B

3- What is the theme of the National Voters’ Day celebrated across the country?

A-  Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy

B- Voting Rights For All

C- Ethical Voting

D- Sab Se Pehle Voting

Ans- A

4. India signed and MoU with the World Bank for the Agri-business and Rural Transformation Project of which state?

A-  Gujarat

B- Maharashtra

C- Madhya Pradesh

D- Haryana

Ans- B

5. Which Indian Private sector bank has recently launched its wealth management platform called ‘Pioneer Banking’?

A-  ICICI Bank


C- Axis Bank

D- IndusInd Bank

Ans- D

6. Which steel plant of India was recently awarded at the WEF Annual meet, for being included in the WEF’s Lighthouse Network?

A-  Salem Steel Plant

B- Tata Steel Kalinganagar

C- Vijayanagar Steel Plant

D- Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant

Ans- B

7. The Global Consortium for Digital Currency Governance was recently announced by which organisation?

A-  World Bank

B- World Economic Forum

C- International Monetary Fund

D- World Trade Organisation

Ans- B

8. Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who has arrived India to attend the Republic Day celebrations as chief guest, is the President of which country?

A- Argentina

B- Brazil

C- France

D- Germany

Ans- B

9. The International Children’s Film festival was recently inaugurated in which South Asian country, with the theme ‘Under The World’?

A-  Sri Lanka

B- Bangladesh

C- Nepal

D- India

Ans- B

10. India has signed an agreement with which country to upgrade Ashuganj-Akhaura road into 4-lane highway?

A-  Myanmar

B- Bangladesh

C- Sri Lanka

D- Nepal

Ans- B

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