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1.Recently, Khaleda Zia is in the news. She served as the Prime Minister of ________.

A- Pakistan 

B- Srilanka 

C- Bangladesh 

D- Afghanistan 

Ans-    C

2. When was World TB Day Celebrated ?

A- 25 March 

B- 24 March 

C- 23 March 

D- 22 March 

Ans-    B

3. Mayiladuthurai has been introduced as the 38th district of ________.

A- Jharkhand 

B- Karnataka 

C- Tamil Nadu 

D- Odisha 

Ans-   C

4. Which State has become the First state in the Country to hand over Taser Guns to the Police ?

A- Uttar Pradesh 

B- Andhra Pradesh 

C- Kerala 

D- Gujarat 

Ans-    D

5. IIT Madras will host India’s first ‘Global Hyperloop Pod Competition’. Hyperloop Pod is related to _________.

A- Means of Communication 

B- Treatment of disease 

C- Telecommunication Frequency 

D- Optical Instruments 

Ans-   A

6. Who among the following has won the 2020 PEN/Hemingway Award ?

A- Ramachandra Guha

B- Shashi Tharoor

C- Ram Sharan Sharma 

D- Ruchika Tomar

Ans-    D

7. What is the Position of India in the Economic Freedom Index 2020 ?

A- 120

B- 144

C- 161

D- 177

Ans-    A

8. Tokyo Olympics has been postponed to ________

A- 2021

B- 2022

C- 2023

D- 2024

Ans-    A

9. Which Indian City has deployed drones for spraying sanitization Hentu chemical to Prevent Coronavirus outbreak ?

A- Jaipur 

B- Udaipur 

C- Indore

D- Pune 

Ans-    C

10. Who among the following is the author of the book ‘Legacy Of Learning’ ?

A- Tanvi Johri 

B- Savita Chhabra

C- Pranay Surana

D- Tushar Saxena

Ans-    B

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