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1.Passport Seva Divas is observed every year on _______.

A- 22 June

B- 23 June

C- 24 June

D- 25 June

Ans-    C

2. Which State has become the First State to operate rail coaches with isolation units for COVID-19 ?

A- Chhatisgarh 

B- Madhya Pradesh 

C- Rajasthan 

D- Uttar Pradesh 

Ans-   D

3. Day of the Seafarer is observed every year on _______.

A- 24 June

B- 25 June

C- 26 June

D- 23 June

Ans-    B

4. Where was the World’s first yoga University Started outside India ?

A- Britain 

B- Singapore 

C- America 

D- Malaysia 

Ans-   C

5. World’s first yoga university outside India ‘Vivekananda Yoga University’ has been established in _______.

A- Singapore 

B- Munich 

C- Moscow 

D- Los Angeles

Ans-    D

6. Which of the following airports in UP has been declared an international airport?

A- Kanpur 

B- Kushinagar

C- Ayodhya 

D- Jhansi 

Ans-    B

7. Recently, Reliance Jio TV has entered an agreement with which of the following states to educate 52 lakh students?

A- Uttar Pradesh 

B- Maharashtra 

C- Haryana 

D- Assam 

Ans-   C

8. Which IIT has developed A chip named ‘Dhruv’ ?

A- IIT Bombay 

B- IIT Guwahati 

C- IIT Madras 

D- IIT Roper 

Ans-    A

9. Recently, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh has inaugurated Devika and Puneja Bridges in ________.

A- Manipur 

B- Assam 

C- Arunachal Pradesh 

D- Jammu and Kashmir 

Ans-   D

10. Recently, Joel Schumacher passed away. He was a/an ________.

A- Football Player 

B- Film Director 

C- Singer 

D- Journalist 

Ans-    B

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