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1.The government had recently notified rules on microdot identifiers. Microdot technology is used for what purpose?

[A] Vehicle ID

[B] Surveillance

[C] Navigation

[D] E-Banking


2.Shahid Beheshti Port, sometimes seen in the news, is located in which country?

[A] Turkey


[C] Oman

[D] Iran


3.The newly inaugurated DNA analysis centre in Chandigarh was established under which fund?

[A] National Small Savings Fund

[B] Enterprise Fund

[C] Nirbhaya Fund

[D] Provident Fund

Answer- C

4.The Kanal Istanbul project connects the Sea of Marmara with which sea?

[A] Red Sea

[B] Black Sea

[C] Arabian Sea

[D] Bohani Sea

Ans- B

5.When is National Consumer Day observed?

[A] March 15

[B] December 24

[C] March 14

D] December 25

Ans- B

6.What is thermal inversion which caused Iran to close down its schools recently?

[A] A type of heat wave

[B] Drought-like condition

[C] Hot air heldclose to the ground by cold air above

[D] Cooler air held close to the ground by the hot air above


7.Chillai Kalan, sometimes seen in the news, is related to which of the following?

[A] Avalanche-prone area in Kashmir

[B] Tourism spot in Jammu and Kashmir

[C] Sanctuary

[D] Harshest period of winter in Kashmi


8.Which app was recently released by the president to improve access to blood banks?

[A] Red Cross App

[B] ed Cross App Friends2Support

[C] MBlood


Answer- A

9.Which region of Africa was recently deemed as the most unequal on the continent by UNDP in terms of income?

[A] North Africa

[B] West Africa

[C] East Africa

[D] South Africa


10.Arak Nuclear Reactor, which is currently being redeveloped, is in which country?

[A] North Korea

[B] India

[C] Pakistan

[D] Iran


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