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1.India ranked at ________ place in the latest Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom ?

A- 107th

B- 135th

C- 111th

D- 120th

Ans-    D

2. When was World Meteorological Day Celebrated ?

A- 21 March 

B- 22 March 

C- 23 March 

D- 24 March 

Ans-    C

3. National Forensic Sciences University bill has been introduced in Lok Sabha to establish a National Forensic Sciences University in _________.

A- Agra 

B- Gandhinagar 

C- Lucknow 

D- Chennai 

Ans-     B

4. Which Indian actress along With WHO will make people aware of COVID-19 ?

A- Diya Mirza 

B- Vidya Balan

C- Aishwarya Rai

D- Priyanka Chopra 

Ans-   D

5. Recently, Satyarup Siddhanta is in the news. He is associated with ________.

A- Marathon 

B- Rafting 

C- Mountaineer 

D- Skateboarding 

Ans-    C

6. Which of the following state has become the 1st State to impose curfew amid Lockdown ?

A- Punjab 

B- Haryana 

C- Maharashtra 

D- Rajasthan 

Ans-    A

7. Where will India’s First Hyperloop pod Competition be held ?

A- IIT Madras 

B- IIT Bombay

C- IIT Kharagpur 

D- IIT Delhi 

Ans-    A

8. Which of the following state police is first in India to introduce taser guns ?

A- Odisha 

B- Punjab 

C- Maharashtra 

D- Gujarat 

Ans-    D

9. Which Country’s Cricket Board has suspended all its Professional Cricketers till 28 May ?

A- India 

B- Australia 

C- England 

D- Pakistan 

Ans-    C

10. Which of the following country has become the first country to withdraw from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic ?


B- Canada 

C- Germany 

D- Italy 

Ans-    B

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