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1.India has joined hands with which of the following country to develop rapid testing for COVID-19 in under 30 seconds?

A- Iran 

B- Israel 

C- France 


Ans-     B

2. Which State has launched a “one-stop shop” scheme to invest fast ?

A- Rajasthan 

B- Karnataka 

C- Andhra Pradesh 

D- Kerala 

Ans-   A

3. Recently, The DRDO has established a COVID-19 testing facility at the Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR) in _______.

A- Mandi

B- Anantnag

C- Leh

D- Narkanda

Ans-     C

4. Who launched the migrant Employment App 

A- Nita Ambani 

B- Sonu Sood

C- Salman Khan 

D- Diya Mirza 

Ans-     B

5. Recently, the largest solar power plant of Navy has been commissioned at ________.

A- INS Shivaji

B- NAE Porbandar

C- INS Vajrabahu

D- INA Ezhimala

Ans-     D

6. Which of the following has developed smart wristband to track coronavirus positive and suspected patients?

A- AIIMS Jodhpur 

B- AIIMS Patna 

C- AIIMS Nagpur 

D- AIIMS Bhubaneswar 

Ans-     C

7. In Which Country will the IPL 2020 be organized 

A- Sri Lanka 


C- Saudi Arab

D- Afghanistan 

Ans-     B

8. Which of the following bank has rolled out an ‘Insta Click Savings Account’?

A- Bank of Baroda 

B- State Bank of India 

C- ICICI Bank 

D- Axis Bank 

Ans-     A

9. Who among the following will take over as the Chairman and CEO of Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN)?

A- Manjeet Negi

B- Navneet Chanchal

C- Ashok Tyagi 

D- Alok Misra

Ans-     D

10. Recently, Annie Ross passed away. He was a famous ________.

A- Cartoonist 

B- Singer 

C- Filmmaker 

D- Social Activist 

Ans-     B

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