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1.The ‘Nine Dash Line’, which is to be contested at the UN, is in which water body?

[A] South China Sea

[B] North Atlantic Ocean

[C] East Philippine sea

[D] Arctic Ocean

Ans- A

2.The Nord Stream 2 is a gas pipeline project between which two countries? [A] Russia and Turkey

[B] Germany and Turkey

[C] Russia and Germany

[D] Turky

Ans- C

3.The International Criminal Court, which is seeking to look into war crimes in West Asia, was established by which treaty?

[A] Geneva Convention

[B]Rome Statute

[C] Vienna Convention

[D] Kyoto Protocol

Ans- B

4.Which pope abolished the ‘pontifical secrecy’ rule’s applicability to sexual abuse cases?

[A] Pope Francis

[B] Pope Benedict XBI

[C] Pope Pius XII 

[D] Pope Paul VI

Ans- A

5.The Apex court of which country recently became the first for holding the government responsible for climate action?

[A] Netherlands

[B] Denmark


[D] Finland

Ans- A

6.The humanoid robot capable of mirroring human actions, T-HR3, was launched by which firm?

[A] Ford

[B] Volkswagen

[C] Toyota Motor Corp.

[D] Honda


7.USA’s legislation DASKA provides for sanctions against which country?

[A] Russia

[B] China

[C] Iran

[D] Iraq

Ans- A

8.Harbin Ice Festival is celebrated by which country?

[A] China

[B] Japan

[C] Finland

[D] South Korea

Ans- A

9.The South Central Railway recently adorned the Hyderabad to New Delhi Express in the colours of which company as a part of its vinyl wrapping advertisement?

[A] Singareni Collieries Company Limited

[B] Mahanadi Coal Mine Limited

[C] Tata Steel

[D] Eastern Coal Field

Ans- A

10.Which port was recently brought under the Chabahar Agreement?

[A] Chennai

[B] Mormugoa

[C] Kolkata

[D] Vishakhapatnam

Ans- B


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