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1.In July 2020, Which of the following country got observer status in the World Trade Organization?

A- Oman 

B- Turkmenistan 

C- Nigeria 

D- Albania 

Ans-     B

2. Which State of India saw the yellow turtle 

A- Maharashtra 

B- Odisha 

C- Kerala 

D- Tamil Nadu 

Ans-    B

3. Which of the following country has launched its 1st independent mission to Mars “Tianwen-1”?

A- North Korea 

B- South Korea 

C- China 

D- Japan 

Ans-    C

4. The bank has launched a Nationwide campaign to distribute face masks and sanitizers 


B- Federal Bank 

C- Yes Bank 

D- Indusland Bank 

Ans-     A

5. Recently, the US has ordered the closure of which of the following country’s consulate in Houston?

A- China 

B- Iran 

C- Israel 

D- Syria 

Ans-     A

6. National Broadcasting Day is observed every year on ________.

A- 20 July 

B- 21 July 

C- 22 July 

D- 23 July 

Ans-     D

7. Space X launched Which Country’s first military satellite ‘ANASIS – 11’

A- Brazil 


C- North Korea 

D- South Korea 

Ans-    D

8. Who among the following has recently launched the ‘Pravasi Rojgar’ app to help migrants find job opportunities?

A- Virat Kohli 

B- Salman Khan 

C- Sonu Sood

D- Kangana Ranaut

Ans-     C

9. On 23 July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the Water Supply Project in ________.

A- Assam 

B- Manipur 

C- Telangana 

D- Punjab 

Ans-     B

10. Which of the following state governments has signed an MoU with IIT Ropar for skill development?

A- Tamil Nadu 

B- Uttar Pradesh 

C- Punjab 

D- Assam 

Ans-     C

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