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1.Which of the following country has begun the testing of the world’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC) ‘e-krona’.

A- Canada

B- China


D- Sweden

Ans-   D

2.What is the rank of India in the ‘Global Flourishing index’ released by WHO Commission and UNICEF?

A- 131

B- 121

C-  111

D- 11

Ans-   A

3.India’s first floating jetty has been inaugurated in ________.

A- Kolkata

B- Mumbai

C- Goa

D- Chennai

Ans-   C

4. Project Tej, which was in news recently, was launched by which Indian state?

A- Andhra Pradesh

B- Telangana

C- Odisha

D- Uttar Pradesh

Ans-   B

5. Recently, the world-famous Carnival has been inaugurated in _______.

A- Goa

B- Hyderabad

C- Chennai

D- Mumbai

Ans-   A

6. Recently, the Geological Survey of India has denied discovery of 3000-tonne gold deposits in UP’s ________.

A- Bhadohi

B- Pratapgarh

C- Sonbhadra

D- Varanasi

Ans-  C

7. In which year, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh were granted Indian statehood?

A- 1972

B- 1977

C- 1982

D- 1987

Ans-   D

8. Recently, ‘Historical Gastronomica – The Indus Dining Experience’ exhibition has been inaugurated in ________.

A- Agra

B- Chennai

C- New Delhi

D- Varanasi

Ans-  C

9. Which city was host to NITI Aayog’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Conclave 2020’?

A- New Delhi

B- Guwahati

C- Kolkata

D- Shillong

Ans-   B

10. Which of the following Indian city is hosting Asian Wrestling Championship?

A- New Delhi

B- Hyderabad

C- Kochi

D- Kolkata

Ans-   A

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