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1.International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed every year on ________.

A- 18 March 

B- 22 March 

C- 21 March 

D- 19 March 

Ans-    C

2. When Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank was founded ?

A- 1985

B- 1984

C- 1986

D- 1988

Ans-    B

3. World Poetry Day is observed every year on ________.

A- 22 March 

B- 21 March 

C- 20 March 

D- 19 March 

Ans-    B

4. Who was International Cricket Council CEO ?

A- Manu Sawhney

B- Tom Harrison 

C- Dave Richardson 

D- Kevin Roberts 

Ans-   A

5. Down Syndrome is caused due to the abnormality in ________.

A- 111

B- 128

C- 136

D- 144

Ans-    D

6. Which of the following country’s Food and Drug Administration has approved a coronavirus diagnostic test that can be conducted at the point-of-care and can deliver results in 45 minutes ?

A- Iran


C- China 

D- Italy 

Ans-    B

7. Which State Government announces one month free food grains to Poor ?

A- Tamil Nadu 

B- Kerala 

C- Uttar Pradesh 

D- Andhra Pradesh 

Ans-    C

8. Which of the following countries has topped the World Happiness Report 2020 ?

A- Finland 

B- Bhutan 

C- Norway 

D- Switzerland 

Ans-    A

9. Where was Bharti Axa General Insurance Headquarters ?

A- Chennai 

B- Mumbai 

C- Kolkata 

D- Raipur 

Ans-    B

10. Recently, RBI has decided to inject additional ________ to maintain financial stability in wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

A- Rs. 15,000 cr

B- Rs. 25,000 cr

C- Rs. 30,000 cr

D- Rs. 50,000 cr

Ans-    C

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