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1. The “Pandemic Bonds” are issued by which multilateral development bank ?

A- World Bank

B- Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

C- European Investment Bank

D- Asian Development Bank

Ans- A

2. The Shanidar Cave, a hotspot for Neanderthal remains, is located in which country ?

A- Syria

B- Iraq

C- Tajikistan

D- Egypt

Ans- B

3. Which country is supplier of majority of mined Cobalt, which is used in cathodes for lithium-ion batteries used in cell phones and Electric vehicles ?

A- China

B- Kazhakiistan

C- Sudan

D- Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Ans- D

4. What is the current (2020) number of telecom companies in India ?

A- 10

B- 8

C- 6

D- 4

Ans- D

5. Which country is world’s biggest palm oil importer ?

A- India

B- China

C- Russia

D- Saudi Arabia

Ans- A

6. Currently, which Economic Census is underway in India ?

A- 5th

B- 6th

C- 7th

D- 8th

Ans- C

7. As per the National Population Register (NPR), a person is “usual resident” who has resided in a local area for past how many months / years ?

A-  6 months

B- 1 year

C- 18 months

D -2 years

Ans- A

8. Who heads the 12-member “Technology Group” to advise ministries, departments and public sector undertakings (PSUs) on technology implementation ?

A-  Dr. R Chidamabaram

B- Rishikesh Narayanan

C- Dr K Vijay Raghavan

D- Bhaskar Saha

Ans- C

9. Which country has highest rate of hepatitis C in the world and is expected to eradicate the disease in 2020 ?

A-  Saudi Arabia

B- China

C- India

D- Egypt

Ans- D

10. The cabinet of which state in India has cleared a bill to enact the “Time-Bound Clearance Act” which shall ensure time-bound clearance of industrial licenses for investment projects ?

A-  Rajasthan

B- Haryana

C- Madhya Pradesh

D- Gujarat

Ans- C

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