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Today Current Affairs !! Today GK

1. ISRO has signed pact with which organization for Gaganyaan project?  

  1. VSSC
  2. NASA
  3. DRDO
  4. BARC

Ans:- C

2. Who among the following won the National Geoscience Young Scientist Award-2018?
a) Dr. Sohini Ganguly
b) Dr. Yamuna Singh
c) Dr. Debjani Sarkar
d) Mr. Pradipta Sur

ANs:- A

3. The first-ever World Patient Safety Day (WPSD) is observed on which date?

  1. September 14
  2. September 15
  3. September 16
  4. September 17

Ans:- D

4. Who was honoured with the National Geoscience ‘Award of Excellence’?
a) Prof. Syed Wajih Ahmad Naqvi
b) Mr. Prabhakar Keshaorao Raut
c) Dr. Janardhana Raju Nandimandalam
d) Dr. Ashim Kumar Sinha

Ans:- A

5. When is the International Day of Peace observed globally?
a) 20th September
b) 21st September
c) 22nd September
d) 23rd September

Ans:- B

6. Karan Vandana is a new hybrid variety of which crop?

  1. Maize
  2. Pulses
  3. Wheat
  4. Rice


7. Which state government has made Sanskrit language compulsory from 3rd to 8th grade in all government and private schools?
a) Uttarakhand
b) Haryana
c) Punjab
d) Rajasthan

Ans:- A

8. Who wiil be the chief of Indian Air Force from 30 September 2019?

  1. Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria
  2. Anil Khosla
  3. Ajit Singh
  4. Shrish Baaban

Ans :- A

9. Which country will prime minister Narendra Modi emberk on a seven-day visit in September 2019.

  1. Russia
  2. Germany
  3. Poland
  4. USA

Ans:- D

10. Who among the following could not qualified for the 2020 Tokyo  Olympics ?

  1. BAjrang Punia
  2. Ravi Dahiya
  3. Vinesh Phogat
  4. Both A &B

Ans:- D

11. What is the rank of Indian Football Team in the FIFA ranking released in September 2019?

  1. 102
  2. 104
  3. 106
  4. 108

Ans:- B



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