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1. World Sparrow Day is observed every year on ________.

A- 18 March 

B- 19 March 

C- 20 March 

D- 21 March 

Ans-     C

2. By Which Year the Banihal to Katra Railway link to be Completed (as per Railway Minister) ?

A- 2021

B- 2022

C- 2023

D- 2024

Ans-    B

3. India has decided to import Negev 7.62X51 mm LMGs from which of the following country ?


B- France 

C- Russia 

D- Israel 

Ans-    D

4. Adnan al-Zurfi has been appointed as the Prime Minister of Which of the Following Country ?

A- Qatar 

B- Iraq

C- Iran 

D- Kuwait 

Ans-    B

5. Which of the following state governments has recently launched an e-Night Beat Checking System ?

A- Rajasthan 

B- Himachal Pradesh 

C- Assam 

D- Uttar Pradesh 

Ans-    B

6. The Cannes film festival will not take place as planned in May because of the coronavirus. Cannes film festival was scheduled to take place in ________.

A- France 

B- Italy 

C- Germany 

D- Switzerland 

Ans-    A

7. Which Payment Bank has announced the issuance of ‘Visa Debit Card’ in Association with Visa Company ?

A- Fino Bank

B- Airtel Payment Bank 

C- Paytm Payment Bank 

D- Aditya Birla Payment Bank 

Ans-    C

8. Which of the following country has handed over the Olympic flame to Tokyo 2020 organisers ?


B- France 

C- Canada 

D- Greece 

Ans-    D

9. In Which City in the Indian Navy has established a quarantine facility ?

A- Visakhapatnam 

B- Kochi 

C- Kolkata 

D- New Delhi 

Ans-    A

10. Recently, P K Banerjee passed away. He was associated with which of the following sports ?

A- Cricket 

B- Football 

C- Hockey 

D- Golf 

Ans-    B

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