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1.World Bee Day is observed every year on _________.

A- 19 May

B- 20 May

C- 18 May

D- 21 May

Ans-    B

2. Which State Government has Started the ‘Indira Priyadarshini Baby Kit’ distribution program ?

A- Sikkim 

B- Uttarakhand 

C- Madhya Pradesh 

D- Rajasthan 

Ans-   D

3. Which of the following railway division has developed ‘Rail-Bot’ to provide better health care to COVID patients?

A- Western Railway 

B- North Western Railway 

C- North Eastern Railway 

D- South Central Railway 

Ans-   D

4. In what name did the Human Resource Development Minister launch a Mobile App of the National Testing Agency ?


B- Abhyas App

C- Nigaah App

D- Me Buddy App

Ans-   B

5. Which of the following government has started an initiative ‘SUKOON’ – COVID-19 Beat the Stress’?

A- Jammu and Kashmir 

B- Maharashtra 

C- Tamil Nadu 

D- Uttar Pradesh 

Ans-   A

6. Railways’ most powerful 12,000 HP made in India locomotive begins commercial run. It has been manufactured in the Railway manufacturing factory _________.

A- Durgapur

B- Perambur

C- Madhepura

D- Kapurthala

Ans-   C

7. Which IIT has developed A wrist-based trekker for Measurement of skin temperature and heart rate ?

A- IIT Madras 

B- IIT Bombay 

C- IIT Delhi 

D- IIT Ropar

Ans-    A

8. Recently, Thomas Thabane resigned. He was serving as the Prime minister of ________.

A- Liberia

B- Lesotho 

C- Namibia 

D- Botswana

Ans-    B

9. Who among the following has been named as the president of Indian Steel Association?

A- Dilip Oommen

B- Anil Kumar Jha

C- Sanjeev Singh

D- Anil Kumar Chaudhary 

Ans-    A

10. Who among the following is the author of the book “Hop On: My Adventures on Boats, Trains and Planes”?  

A- Arundhati Roy

B- Vikram Seth

C- Vishal Bhardwaj

D- Ruskin Bond

Ans-   D

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