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1. When is the World Day of Social Justice Observed ?

A- 17 February

B- 18 February

C- 19 February

D- 20 February

Ans-   D 

2. Which Country has become the First in the World to make the entire Haj Process 100 digital ?

A- Qatar

B- India

C- Indonesia

D- Pakistan

Ans-   B 

3. The FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup final will be held in Which City on November 21 ?

A- Mumbai

B- Kolkata

C- Navi Mumbai

D- Pune

Ans-    C

4. Near Which City in Mandya has got 14,000 tonnes of lithium Reserve ?

A- Bengaluru

B- Jaipur

C- Kochi

D- Mumbai

Ans-    A

5. Who Won the Second Edition of Cairns Cup ?

A- Ju Wenjun

B- Koneru Hampi

C- Harika Dronavalli

D- Yip Carissa

Ans-    B

6. The “Task Force on Blue Economy for Sustainable Development” is a collaboration between India & Which Country ?

A- Switzerland

B- France

C- Norway

D- Sweden

Ans-    C

7. Jharkhand has been paired with _____ under the “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” Scheme ?

A- Nagaland

B- Rajasthan

C- Leh

D- Goa

Ans-    D 

8. Who among the Following has been elected as President of Ram Mandir Trust ?

A- Mahant Nritya Gopal Das

B- Mahant Mohan Sharma

C- Mahant Nayan Pal

D- None of These

Ans-   A 

9. Which of the Following countries will host the AFC Women’s Asian Cup in 2020 ?

A- China

B- India

C- Nepal

D- Bangladesh

Ans-    B 

10. Which of the Following Country has topped the “Worldwide Education for the Future Index 2019” ?

A- Canada

B- France

C- Finland


Ans-   C

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