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1.  which of the following countries has/ have signed the International solar Alliance Framework agreement at its second assembly held in New Delhi in 2019?

  1. Eritrea
  2. Saint Kittis and Nevis
  3. Antigua and Barbuda
  4. Both 1 and 2

Ans:-  D

 2. Where did Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German chancellor Angela Merkel co-chair the 5th Inter-Governmental Constitutions in November 2019?

  1.  Hyderabad
  2.  Pune
  3.  New Delhi
  4.  Mumbai

Ans:- 3

  3. Who among the following clinched gold medals at the Olympic test event for boxing in Tokyo Japan in October 2019?

  1.  Shiva Thapa and Pooja Rani
  2.  Amit panghal and Vinesh Phogat
  3.  Shiva Thapa and Vinesh Phogat
  4.  Amit panghal and Simranjeet Kaur

Ans:-  A

 4. Recently the Spanish government confirm that India has offered to host the COP 25 climate Summit after which abandoned plans to held its due to deadly anti-Government protest.

  1.   Brazil
  2.  Venezuela
  3.  Chile
  4.  Mexico

Ans:- C

 5. Which state will host the multilingual writers needs in November 2019?

  1.  Arunachal Pradesh
  2.  Asam
  3.  Nagaland
  4.  Meghalaya

 Ans:- A

6. Recently the lieut governor of Ladakh _______ Launch new Ladakh website

  1.  Sudhir Bhargava
  2.  RK Mathur
  3.  Satyanand Mishra
  4.  Sanjay Mitra

Ans:- b

 7. The side of Gottiprolu  lies on the right Bank of a distributary of river _________?

  1.  Swarnamukhi
  2.  Palar
  3. Vaigai
  4. Penna

Ans:- A

 8. Recently Gitanjali pass away she was a/an _______

  1.  Politician
  2.  Doctor
  3.  Actress
  4.  Classical dancer

Ans:- C

 9. Where was the third edition of global Ayurveda Summit 2019 held?

  1.  Tamil Nadu
  2.  Kerala
  3.  Telangana
  4.  Maharashtra

Ans:- B

10. Recently n Venkatachal passed away. He was the former Lokayukta of _______.





Ans:- B


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