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1.Adnan al-Zurfi has been appointed as the new designated Prime Minister of ________

A- Iran

B- Libya

C- Iraq

D- Afghanistan

Ans-   C

2. Which city of Rajasthan is also called as the ‘Marble city of India’, that is recently connected with Indore under RCS-UDAN scheme ?

A- Kota

B- Kishangarh

C- Lalgarh

D- Bikaner

Ans-    B

3. Government is taking positive steps for listing Bhojpuri, Rajasthani & Bhoti into 8th Schedule of constitution. Bhoti  language is primarily spoken in ________ region.

A- Ladakh

B- Nagaland

C- Odisha

D- Lakshadweep

Ans-    A

4. Which European country recently imposed a record 1.1 billion euro fine on tech-firm Apple for its anti-competitive behaviour ?

A- Italy

B- Spain

C- Germany

D- France

Ans-    D

5. According to a recent announcement by Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, Banihal to Katra railway link in Jammu and Kashmir will be completed by________.

A- 2021

B- 2022

C- 2023

D- 2024

Ans-    B

6. Which former Chief Justice of India has been nominated to Rajya Sabha ?

A- Dipak Misra

B- T.S. Thakur

C- Ranjan Gogoi

D- Jagdish Singh Khehar

Ans-    C

7. A total of Rs 20,466.94 crores of loans have been sanctioned under Stand Up India Scheme. The Stand Up India Scheme was launched by the Government in________.

A- 2013

B- 2014

C- 2015

D- 2016

Ans-    D

8. The Central bank of which country slashed its benchmark interest rate to almost zero and announced to buy USD 700 billion in bonds ?

A- United States

B- China

C- India

D- Japan

Ans-    A

9. Defence minister Rajnath Singh released a coffee table book titled ‘Invincible’. The book is based on the life of ________.

A- Amit Shah

B- Manohar Parrikar

C- Sushma Swaraj

D- Narendra Modi

Ans-    B

10. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whose birth centenary was celebrated recently, was the Founder President of which country ?

A- Nepal

B- Thailand

C- Bangladesh

D- Afghanistan

Ans-   C

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