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1.Which of the following countries presided over G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meet?

A- Australia 

B- Russia 

C- Brazil 

D- Saudi Arabia 

Ans-    B

2. Which Payment Application launched India’s first numberless card ?

A- GooglePay

B- PhonePe 

C- Fampay

D- Paytm 

Ans-    C

3. The Railway Ministry has said that the private trains are slated to run from _________.

A- March 2023

B- January 2022

C- March 2022

D- September 2021

Ans-    A

4. Cochin Shipyard signed agreement with Which Country to manufacture electric ships ?

A- Norway 

B- New Zealand 

C- Canada 

D- Spain 

Ans-    A

5. Mangal Pandey attempted to incite his fellow sepoys to rise up against their British officers in the year _______.

A- 1855

B- 1856

C- 1857

D- 1858

Ans-     C

6. Captain Sourabh Kalia Cup is associated with ___________.

A- Football 

B- Hockey 

C- Golf 

D- Cricket 

Ans-    D

7. Who has developed P7 heavy drop System for IL76 aircraft ?





Ans-     D

8. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has integrated a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) course in partnership with _______.


B- Google 

C- Facebook 


Ans-    A

9. India Ideas Summit 2020 will be held on _______.

A- 20 July 

B- 21 July 

C- 22 July 

D- 23 July 

Ans-    C

10. Recently, CS Seshadri passed away. He was a/an _______.

A- Actor 

B- Mathematician 

C- Poet

D- Footballer 

Ans-    B

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