Today Current Affairs !! 18 October 2019

  Today current Affairs !! Today GK  

01. Which state has highest number of livestock, as per latest 20th Livestock Census -2019?

  1.  Jharkhand
  2. Rajasthan
  3. Uttar Pradesh
  4. Madhya Pradesh


02. Ex-Eastern Bridge-V has started between India & which country?

  1. Jordan
  2. Oman
  3. UAE
  4. Kuwait


03. On which date, the 2019 edition of International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is observed?

  1. October 15
  2. October 18
  3. October 17
  4. October 16


04. Nashri tunnel, which is in news recently, is situated in which state?

  1. Uttarakhand
  2. J&K
  3. Himachal Prades
  4. Sikkim


05. The World Students’ Day (WSD) is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of which noted personality? 

  1.  Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  2. Mother Teresa
  3. APJ abdulkalam
  4. Lala  lajpat  raj


06. What percentage of growth was recorded in the recently concluded Livestock Census in India as compared to the year 2012?
a. 4.63 percent
b. 3.96 percent
c. 2.34 percent
d. 1.71 percent


07. Which of the following footballer has won this year’s Golden Shoe title?
a. Harry Ken
b. Cristiano Ronaldo
c. Vergil Van
d. Lionel Messi


08. How much fine has recently imposed on SBM Bank (India) by the Reserve Bank of India?
a. 5 cr
b. 4 cr
c. 6 cr
d. 3 cr


09. Which scheme has been launched by the Central Government to encourage girl students to pursue STEM education?
a. Jyoti Anand Yojana
b. Vigyan Jyoti Yojana
c. Naari Kalyan Yojana


10. Which Chief Minister of an Indian state has recently biked 122 kilometres to promote adventure tourism in his state?
a. Jaganmohan Reddy
b. Arvind Kejriwal
c. Pema Khandu
d. Nitish Kumar


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