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1.World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is Observed every Year on ____ ?

A- 14 May

B- 15 May

C- 16 May

D- 17 May

Ans-   D

2. Which State has become the First State to regulate the Cultivation of crops ?

A- Telangana 

B- Kerala 

C- Haryana 

D- Uttarakhand 

Ans-    A

3. Which of the Following Country has recently outlawed flag burning as a form of protest ?

A- France 

B- Germany 

C- Bangladesh 

D- Sri Lanka 

Ans-   B

4. Which State Government will launch the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana ?

A- Madhya Pradesh 

B- Gujarat 

C- Chhattisgarh 

D- Rajasthan 

Ans-    C

5. Recently, The India Meteorological Department has warned about a cyclone ____ that will likely intensify into a server cyclone storm ?

A- Sidr

B- Kyarr

C- Amphan

D- Pabuk

Ans-    C

6. Which Program has been Started to make tribal Youth skilled ?





Ans-   B

7. President Ram Nath Kovind has decided to forego _____ of his Salary for a Year ?

A- 10%

B- 20%

C- 25%

D- 30%

Ans-    D

8. Which State/UT Police launched ‘Thermal Corona Combat Headgear’ for Corona Warriors ?

A- Delhi 

B- Mumbai 

C- Punjab 

D- Karnataka 

Ans-    A

9. Which of the Following State has launched ‘Mission Grand Care’ to spread the message of elderly safety ?

A- Rajasthan 

B- Assam 

C- Kerala 

D- Tamil Nadu 

Ans-   C

10. Which IIT has developed “MIR AND COVID-19 Dashboard” ?

A- IIT Bombay 

B- IIT Gandhinagar 

C- IIT Delhi 

D- IIT Madras 

Ans-    B


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