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1.The US Federal Reserve has cut down its interest rates to _________ to prevent further damage from the rapidly-spreading coronavirus.

A-  0%

B- 1%

C- 1.5%

D- 1.8 %

Ans-    A

2. Union Cabinet approved the RoDTEP scheme, which is set to replace MEIS (Merchandise Export Incentive Scheme). What does R stand for, in the new RoDTEP Scheme ?

A- Reduction

B- Remission

C- Reception

D- Remuneration

Ans-    B

3. Which of the following country has started the first human trial to evaluate vaccine against COVID-19 ?


B- Iran

C- Russia

D- China

Ans-   A

4. As per the reconstruction scheme of Yes Bank, what is the bank’s new authorised capital ?

A- Rs. 2,200 Crores

B- Rs. 4,200 Crores

C- Rs. 6,200 Crores

D- Rs. 8,200 Crores

Ans-    C

5. President Ram Nath Kovind has nominated Former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi to the Rajya Sabha. Gogoi served as the _______ Chief Justice of India.

A- 39th

B- 40th

C- 41th

D- 46th

Ans-    D

6. The government has invoked Epidemic Disease Act to make the health advisories enforceable. When was the act enacted ?

A- 1897

B- 1921

C- 1947

D- 1987

Ans-    A

7. Oil India signed a crude sales agreement with Numaligarh Refinery. Numaligarh Refinery is in ________.

A- Assam

B- Manipur

C- Meghalay

D- Maharashtra

Ans-    A

8. India has appealed against the closure of Ambedkar House memorial. It is located in which country ?

A- France

B- United Kingdom

C- Russia

D- Japan

Ans-    B

9. Recently, Imtiaz Khan passed away. He was a/an ________.

A- Journalist

B- Actor

C- Cricketer

D- Painter

Ans-    B

10. Recently, Puthussery Ramachandran passed away. He was a/an ________

A- ISRO Scientist

B- Kathak Dancer

C- Poet

D- Tabla Player

Ans-    C

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