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1.World Day of International Justice is observed every year on _________.

A- 16 July 

B- 17 July 

C- 18 July 

D- 15 July 

Ans-    B

2. Which State’s Poba Reserve Forest will be upgraded to wildlife Sanctuary ?

A- Madhya Pradesh 

B- Kerala 

C- Assam 

D- Gujarat 

Ans-    C

3. India has opened a trade route from Jaigaon to _________.

A- Bhutan 

B- Nepal 

C- West Bengal 

D- Myanmar 

Ans-    A

4. India’s First Trans-shipment hub, vallarpadam terminal is being developed in Which State ?

A- Kerala 

B- Odisha 

C- Tamil Nadu 

D- Karnataka 

Ans-    A

5. India has recently signed an agreement on cyber security with _______.

A- New Zealand 

B- Australia 

C- Serbia 

D- Israel 

Ans-    D

6. India was represented by __________ 15th Summit between India and EU.

A- Amit Shah 

B- Narendra Modi 

C- Rajnath Singh 

D- Nirmala Sitharaman

Ans-    B

7. Cochin Shipyard will build two autonomous electric ferries for which of the following country?

A- Norway 

B- Denmark 

C- Sweden 

D- Germany 

Ans-    A

8. Which State Government has Started ‘Operation Muskan’ to find the missing Children ?

A- Uttar Pradesh 

B- Maharashtra 

C- Andhra Pradesh 

D- Delhi 

Ans-    C

9. Chattogram Port is recently in the news. It is in _________.

A- Iran 

B- Myanmar 

C- Srilanka 

D- Bangladesh 

Ans-    D

10. Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) is observing Swachhata Pakhwada.INCOIS is in _______.

A- New Delhi 

B- Kanpur 

C- Hyderabad 

D- Chandigarh 

Ans-    C

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