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1. The National Maritime Heritage Complex (NMHC) is to be set up in which Indian state ?

A- Tamil Nadu

B- Kerala

C- Gujarat

D- Maharashtra

Ans-  C

2. Which of the following Indian city will host Asia’s largest biotechnology and life sciences forum, ‘BioAsia 202’ ?

A- Ranchi

B- Hyderabad

C- Agra

D- Chennai

Ans-   B

3. The Haryana government has announced a sum of ________ to those who will win gold medals at the Olympics.

A- Rs. 1 Crore

B- Rs. 2 Crore

C- Rs. 3 Crore

D- Rs. 6 Crore

Ans-   D

4. What is the name of the third corporate passenger train of India ?

A- Tejas Express

B- Kashi Mahakal Express

C- Kashi Indore Express

D- Kashi Vishwanath Express

Ans-   B

5. ‘Kambala’, which was in news recently, is a traditional sport of which state ?

A- Karnataka

B- Kerala

C- Tamil Nadu

D- Andhra Pradesh

Ans-    A

6. Yash Bharti Award is the highest award of which Indian state/UT ?

A- Madhya Pradesh

B- Odisha

C- Uttar Pradesh

D- Punjab

Ans-   C

7. Which state commenced operations of India’s first Inter-City Electric Bus service ?

A- Odisha

B- Telangana

C- Karnataka

D- Maharashtra

Ans-   D

8. Which of the following state has launched the ‘Pyaar ka Paudha’ campaign to encourage the practice of planting trees ?

A- Assam

B- Bihar

C- Uttar Pradesh

D- Maharashtra

Ans-    B

9. Who among the following has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of GoAir ?

A- Rohit Jha

B- Shri Dev

C- Vinay Dube

D- Varun Sharma

Ans-    C

10. Which country has recently developed a recovery-plasma to treat COVID-19 infected patients ?

A- India

B- Japan

C- China

D- Thailand

Ans-    C

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