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1. Who among the Following is the Chairman of the 15th Finance Commission ?

      A- Shivanand Tiwari    B- N.K. Singh

      C- Arvind Subramanian    D- Urjit Patel 

Ans- Option- B

2. A Powerful Tropical storm Krosa has hit Which Country recently ?

     A- South Korea   B- China

     C- Norway            D- Japan 

Ans- Option- D

3. Which State has dedicated the third phase of the “Jung-E-Azadi” Memorial to its people ?

     A- Punjab     B- Chhattisgarh 

     C- Haryana   D- Gujarat 

Ans- Option- A

4. National Tribal Festival “Aadi Mahotsav” Started in ___ ?

    A- Shimla    B- Agartala

    C- Ladakh    D- Guwahati

Ans- Option- C

5. Which date has been chosen for celebrating Tamil Nadu Day ?

    A- September 03    B- October 05

    C- November 01     D- December 01

Ans- Option- C

6. V.B. Chandrasekhar who Passed away recently was associated With Which Sports ?

     A- Hockey     B- Cricket 

     C- Golf            D- Badminton 

Ans- Option- B

7. Which of the Following Team has won the UEFA Super Cup ?

     A- Liverpool F.C.     B- F.C. Barcelona 

     C- Chelsea F.C.          D- Arsenal F.C.

Ans- Option- A

8. Tirur Betel leaf Geographical Indication (GI) from which of the Following State ?

     A- Assam    B- Kerala 

     C- Bihar      D- Tamil Nadu 

Ans- Option- B

9. Late PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee served his First term for how many Days ?

    A- 30 Days      B- 27 Days

    C- 15 Days       D- 13 Days 

Ans- Option- D

10. Tamil Nadu has become the ___th Indian State to declare a State butterfly ?

    A- Fourth      B- Fifth 

    C- Sixth          D- Seventh 

Ans- Option- B


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