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1.World Haemophilia Day is observed every year on _________.

A- 16 April 

B- 17 April 

C- 14 April 

D- 15 April 

Ans-    B

2. Whom Paytm General Insurance Ltd. Has been appointed as MD/CEO of

A- Birupaksha Mishra 

B- Sanjay Agarwal

C- Parag Raj

D- Vineet Arora 

Ans-    D

3. Which of the following country is the first country to hold a national election during the pandemic?

A- South Korea 

B- Laos

C- Vietnam 

D- France 

Ans-    A

4. Who launched an interactive service for COVID-19 called ‘Health Alert’ on FB Messenger ?





Ans-   B

5. Recently, which of the following Indian state has observed new cases of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome also known as brain fever?

A- Rajasthan 

B- Uttar Pradesh 

C- Bihar 

D- Assam 

Ans-    C

6. According to the International Monetary Fund, Asia is expected to witness a growth rate of ________in 2020.

A- 0%

B- 0.6%

C- 0.8%

D- 1.2%

Ans-    A

7. Who won the Edison Award for Social Innovation ?


B- Adani Power 

C- Tata Power 

D- Reliance Power 

Ans-   C

8. After the new reduction in  reverse repo rate by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the new  reverse repo rate is ________.

A- 4.25%

B- 3.95%

C- 3.75%

D- 3.55%

Ans-    C

9. Who has been appointed the brand Ambassador of ‘Cricket Kingdom’ ?

A- Rishabh Pant

B- Shefali Verma

C- Shardul Thakur 

D- Rohit Sharma 

Ans-    D

10. Recently, Who among the following has taken over additional charge of Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited?

A- Mohit Nagarjun

B- P K Purwar

C- Ratnesh Kumar 

D- None of These 

Ans-   B

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