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1. Which Messaging platform has launched its fingerprint Authentication ?

    A- Telegram    B- WhatsApp 

    C- Line             D- Facebook Messenger 

Ans- Option- B

2. Who is the highest-paid bank CEO of India ?

     A- Uday Kotak     B- Sandeep Bakhshi

     C- Aditya Puri      D- Amitabh Chaudhry 

Ans- Option- C

3. Who has become the First Indian chef to receive French honour ?

     A- Priyam Chatterjee   B- Ranveer Brar

     C- Sanjeev Kapoor        D- Vikash Khanna

Ans- Option- A

4. Which State has announced the launch of “Village Volunteers System” Scheme ?

    A- Odisha           B- Tamil Nadu 

    C- Karnataka     D- Andhra Pradesh 

Ans- Option- D

5. Where was the World Education Summit(WES) held ?

    A- Kolkata      B- New Delhi 

    C- Jaipur         D- Itanagar

Ans- Option- B

6. Which Organizations has launched a Special drive code named “Operation Number Plate” ?

    A- RPF       B- CRPF

    C- BSF        D- NSG

Ans- Option- A

7. IWF has provisionally suspended five athletes belonging to which Nation ?

    A- India     B- Japan 

    C- Russia    D- China 

Ans- Option- C

8. Which Country has won 5th International Army Scout Masters Competition ?

     A- Russia     B- Armenia

     C- China       D- India

Ans- Option- D

9. Vidya Sinha who Passed away recently was a famous ____ ?

     A- Author        B- Actress 

     C- Politician    D- Dancer 

Ans- Option- B

10. Golden Butterfly Tea is a tea Specialty of which State ?

      A- Assam            B- West Bengal 

     C- Karnataka     D- Nagaland 

Ans- Option- A


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