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1.World Youth Skills Day is observed every year on ________

A- 14 July 

B- 15 July 

C- 13 July 

D- 12 July 

Ans-    B

2. Which State’s Chief Minister Darpan Portal and Mobile App has received the ‘Alights Excellence’ Award 2020 ?

A- Jharkhand 

B- Bihar 

C- Odisha 

D- Chhattisgarh 

Ans-    D

3. Which of the following country has recently banned its companies from sourcing 5G equipment from Chinese telecom company Huawei?


B- Japan 

C- Israel 

D- France 

Ans-    A

4. In Which State, Online Registration of crops has been Started by an initiative called e-Crop ?

A- Andhra Pradesh 

B- Arunachal Pradesh 

C- Madhya Pradesh 

D- Uttar Pradesh 

Ans-    A

5. Recently, the Human Resource and Development Ministry has announced guidelines titled as ________for online classes operationalised by schools amid the COVID pandemic?





Ans-    D

6. Recently, Indian-origin Chan Santokhi has been elected as the new President of ________.

A- Suriname

B- Guyana

C- Burundi

D- Ghana

Ans-    A

7. Which IIT has developed A sanitizing device called ‘SHUDH’ ?

A- IIT Madras 

B- IIT Kanpur 

C- IIT Bombay 

D- IIT Roper 

Ans-    B

8. Recently, Wim Suurbier passed away. He was a ________.

A- Actor 

B- Film Director 

C- Footballer 

D- Politician 

Ans-    C

9. People from community Tangams lives in ________.

A- Assam 

B- Meghalay 

C- Nagaland 

D- Arunachal Pradesh 

Ans-    D

10. India’s only ‘Golden’ tiger was seen in Which State ?

A- Gujarat 

B- Madhya Pradesh 

C- Assam 

D- Odisha 

Ans-    C

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