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1.Which of the following countries has recently developed the ‘iFeel-You’ bracelet for social distancing?

A- Italy 

B- France 

C- Russia 

D- Iran 

Ans-    A

2. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of CBSE ?

A- Rajiv Kumar 

B- TS Tirumurthy 

C- Manoj Ahuja

D- Kapil Dev Tripathi 

Ans-   C

3.Recently, Victoria Falls has been opened for tourists after lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. Victoria Falls is in _________.


B- Zambia 

C- Ghana 

D- Namibia 

Ans-    B

4. Which State’s Teliya handkerchief has got GI tag ?

A- Jharkhand 

B- Mizoram 

C- West Bengal 

D- Telangana 

Ans-   D

5. India has been placed at ________ spot on World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Energy Transition Index?

A- 74th

B- 85th

C- 56th

D- 54th

Ans-   A

6. ‘Get CETgo’ online coaching portal received overwhelming response. The ‘Get CETgo’ scheme was launched by ________.

A- Assam 

B- Rajasthan 

C- Karnataka 

D- Tamil Nadu 

Ans-   C

7. Which City has essentially made home delivery cashless ?

A- Mumbai 

B- Ahmedabad 

C- Gandhinagar 

D- Pune 

Ans-   B

8. Recently, Akhil Kumar has been re-inducted into NADA disciplinary panel. Akhil Kumar is related to which of the following sports?

A- Hockey 

B- Football 

C- Wrestling 

D- Boxing 

Ans-    D

9. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Director-General of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)?

A- V. VIdyavathi

B- Manoj Raghuvanshi

C- Kalpana Joshi

D- Mansi Asthana

Ans-    A

10. Which of the following state will host the 11th Hockey India Senior Men National Championship 2021?

A- Rajasthan 

B- Odisha 

C- Maharashtra 

D- Kerala 

Ans-   C


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