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1.Which Indian public sector bank waived the minimum balance requirement for all savings bank (SB) accounts ?

A- Canara Bank

B- Union Bank of India

C- State Bank of India

D- Punjab National Bank

Ans-   C

2. In March 2020, Cabinet hikes dearness allowance for Central govt employees by ________.

A- 7%

B- 6%

C- 5%

D- 4%

Ans-    D

3. World Economic Forum (WEF) released its new list of 115 Young Global Leaders. How many Indians are included in the list ?

A- Two

B- Five

C- Ten

D- Fourteen

Ans-    B

4. Which of the following company has launched ‘Pragati’ to boost women entrepreneurship in India ?

A- Apple


C- Facebook

D- Google

Ans-    C

5. Which is the venue of the main national event for the sixth International Day of Yoga, 2020 ?

A- Ranchi

B- New Delhi

C- Leh

D- Guwahati

Ans-    C

6. In March 2020, India has delivered 600 tonnes of rice to ________.

A- Chad

B- Madagascar

C- Congo

D- Ethiopia

Ans-    B

7. The Parliament of which country passed a bill to allow the President to contest in Presidential elections after 2024 ?

A- United States

B- United Kingdom

C- China

D- Russia

Ans-    D

8. World’s first Digital Solutions Exchange Cloud named as ________ has been launched in India.





Ans-   A

9. World Bank signed an $80 million loan agreement with which Indian state to increase agricultural productivity in its Gram Panchayats ?

A- Himachal Pradesh

B- Odisha

C- Karnataka

D- Madhya Pradesh

Ans-    A

10. Which of the following state government has decided to construct 33 stadiums in the state under ‘Uttran’ scheme ?

A- Rajasthan

B- Maharashtra

C- Assam

D- Odisha

Ans-    C

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