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1. Which city plays host to the annual ‘World Future Energy Summit’ of the year 2020?

A-  Abu Dhabi


C- Dubai

D- Sharjah

Ans- A

2. Union Minister Smriti Irani recently launched a welfare scheme named ‘Yashaswini’ from Goa. What does the scheme aim at?

A- Vaccination to Children

B- Assistance to women Self Help Groups

C- Cleaning of Beaches

D- Assistance to schools

Ans- B

3. Which state has recently started an awareness campaign for farmers to protect their sugarcane crop from locust?

A-  Gujarat

B- Rajasthan

C- Uttar Pradesh

D- Bihar

Ans- C

4. An international Film Festival with the theme of ‘Better Film, Better Audience and Better Society’, was recently inaugurated in which city?

A-  Tokyo

B- Dubai

C- Dhaka

D- Colombo

Ans- C

5. Who will participate in the interaction program with students named ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ scheduled for the year 2020?

A-  Venkiah Naidu

B- Narendra Modi

C- Ramesh Pokriyal

D- NishankK Sivan

Ans- B

6. The Workshop and exhibition on “Bamboo- A wonder grass” was recently held in which state/ UT?

A- Assam

B- Meghalaya

C- Jammu and Kashmir

D- Arunachal Pradesh

Ans- C

7. The Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) has started a program called ‘TB-free air for every child’ in which state?

A- Bihar

B- Madhya Pradesh

C- Karnataka

D- Kerala

Ans- D

8. What is a “Shopper’, which was sometimes seen in news recently ?

A-  e-Commerce website

B- Malware

C- Robot

D- Electric vehicle for shopping

Ans- B

9. Which of these festivals of other parts of India does not coincide with Makar Sankranti celebrated in North India in January?

A-  Pedda Padanga

B- Magh Bihu

C- Thai Pongal

D- Vishu

Ans- D

10. What is the deadline to separate roles of chairman and MD in top 500 companies, as per the recent directions of SEBI?

A- April 1st,2020

B-April 1st,202

C- April 1st,2022

D- April 1st,2023

Ans- C

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