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1. In February 2020, President Kovind Presents the President’s Colour to Indian Navy’s ___ ?

A- INS Viraat

B- INS Shivaji

C- INS Tejas

D- INS Naag

Ans-   B

2. Ladakh has been paired with Which of the Following State/UT Under Ek Bharath Shrestha Bharath Programme ?

A- Rajasthan

B- New Delhi

C- Gujarat

D- Tamil Nadu

Ans-   D

3. What is the Capital package recently approved for infusion in Three State-owned General Insurance companies ?

A- Rs. 1000 Cr

B- Rs. 2500 Cr

C- Rs. 3000 Cr

D- Rs. 5000 Cr

Ans-    B

4. What is the Theme of the ‘World Radio Day, 2020’ Observed on February 13 ?

A- Radio & Diversity

B- Radio across World

C- Radio & Multilingualisim

D- Connecting Through Air

Ans-   A 

5. Who among the Following has been named as the Chairman & Managing Director of Air India ?

A- Rohit Das

B- Ajay Pandey

C- Rajiv Bansal

D- Jatin Tripathi

Ans-    C

6. Who among the Following has been named as the Player of the Year for 2019 by the international Hockey Federation ?

A- Sardar Singh

B- Harmanpreet Singh

C- Simranjeet Singh

D- Manpreet Singh

Ans-   D 

7. Where is the Headquarters of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) located ?

A- New York

B- Rome

C- Geneva

D- Nairobi

Ans-   B 

8. The School Health & Wellness Ambassador initiative has been launched under Which Scheme ?

A- Swachh Bharat Mission

B- Poshan Abhiyaan

C- Fit India Movement

D- Ayushman Bharat

Ans-   D 

9. Who among the Following has been appointed as the Home Minister in UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet ?

A- Priti Patel

B- Rajat Miller

C- Sajid Javid

D- Rashmi Phillips

Ans-   A 

10. Who among the Following has been ranked No 1 by IOC’s Boxing Task Force Ranking for Olympic Qualifiers ?

A- Akhil Kumar

B- Amit Panghal

C- Jitendra Kumar

D- L Devendro Singh

Ans-   B

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