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1. World Radio Day is observed every year on —– ?

A- 10 February

B- 11 February

C- 12 February

D- 13 February

Ans-   D

2. Recently, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is on a 4-day visit to India. He is the president of _____ ?

A- Egypt

B- Portugal

C- Austria

D- Hungary

Ans-   B

3. The 2nd BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise, 2020 has been conducted in which city ?

A- Bhubaneswar

B- Thimphu

C- Colombo

D- Kathmandu

Ans-   A

4. ‘PehleSafety’ is an Internet safety campaign of which major technological company ?

A- Facebook

B- Microsoft

C- Google

D- Apple

Ans-   C

5. Which of the following state governments has launched toll free helpline numbers for students to solve the queries of students ahead of the Board Examinations ?

A- Uttar Pradesh

B- Bihar

C- Maharashtra

D- Madhya Pradesh

Ans-    A

6. Mobile World Congress has been cancelled due to fear of coronavirus. This congress was scheduled to be held in _______.

A- Seoul

B- Barcelona

C- Berlin

D- Buenos Aires

Ans-    B

7. ‘We Think Digital’ is a digital literacy program of which global technological company ?

A- Google

B- Apple

C- Amazon

D- Facebook

Ans-   D

8. Who has been appointed as the chairman of the newly formed Space PSU, New Space India Ltd (NSIL) ?

A- Satheesh Reedy

B- K. Divan

C- G. Narayanan

D- Kasturi Rangan

Ans-    C

9. Recently, Nandu Kulkarni passed away. He was a famous _________.

A- Journalist

C- Novelist

C- Actor

D- Sitar Player

Ans-   A

10. Who among the following is the author of the book ‘The Thin Mind Map’ ?

A- Rohan Shrivastav

B- Dharmendra Rai

C- Manoj Suri

D- Prateek Kaushik

Ans-    B

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