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1.International Nurses Day is observed every year on _________.

A- 11 May

B- 12 May

C- 10 May

D- 09 May

Ans-    B

2. Who has developed UV Based sanitizer named ‘DHRUVS’ ?





Ans-   C

3. Recently, the National Aerospace Laboratories has developed a non-invasive BiPAP ventilator named as __________ to treat COVID-19 patients.

A- Ajay

B- Nirogikaya

C- SwasthVayu

D- PranaVayu

Ans-    C

4. Which Country flew it’s own ship during military Exercise ?

A- Israel 

B- Iran

C- Iraq 

D- Pakistan 

Ans-    B

5. Which of the following states has launched the country’s first ever ‘FIR Aapke Dwar’ Yojana?

A- Tamil Nadu 

B- Madhya Pradesh 

C- Andhra Pradesh 

C- Uttar Pradesh 

D- Himachal Pradesh 

Ans-    B

6. Recently, Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank launched the Central University of Odisha Helpline _________ to relieve distress of the student community during the difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic.

A- Nirogi

B- Aashray

C- Aarogya

D- Bharosa

Ans-    D

7. Which Country’s Cricketer Shafiqulla was banned for 6 Years ?

A- Pakistan 

B- Bangladesh 

C- South Africa 

D- Afghanistan 

Ans-    D

8. Which of the following city of Uttar Pradesh is known as the ‘Sports City Of India’?

A- Agra

B- Kanpur 

C- Meerut

D- Bhadohi

Ans-    C

9. Who among the following assumed charge as Secretary in the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE)?

A- Indu Shekhar Chaturvedi 

B- Prashant Pandey 

C- Rajeev Desai

D- Ajeet Panwar

Ans-    A

10. Recently,  Raja Rangappa Naik passed away. He was a/an _________.

A- Poet

B- Politician 

C- Singer 

D- Author 

Ans-    B

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