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1.World Day Against Child Labour is observed every year on ________.

A- 11 June

B- 12 June

C- 10 June

D- 13 June

Ans-    B

2. Who launched karmabhoomi Portal ?

A- Uttarakhand

B- Rajasthan

C- West Bengal

D- Punjab

Ans-    C

3. Which of the following institutes has been named as the best higher education institution National Institutional Ranking Framework released by Human Resource Development?

A- IIT Mumbai

B- IIT Madras

C- IIT Delhi

D- IIT Kharagpur

Ans-    B

4. Which State Government announced ban on Online classes ?

A- Rajasthan

B- Sikkim

C- Madhya Pradesh

D- Karnataka

Ans-    D

5. Which of the following states has successfully installed Tru NAAT machines in all its districts?

A- Uttar Pradesh

B- Maharashtra

C- Telangana

D- Rajasthan

Ans-    A

6. What is the name given to launches mask disposal smart bin launched by Kerala startup VST Mobility Solutions?


B- TRASH -19

C- BIN- 19

D- COBIN- 19

Ans-     C

7. In Which Country, for the first time a black has been appointed to the Post of Chief of staff of the Air Force ?

A- Britain

B- France

C- Russia

D- America

Ans-     D

8. Which of the following state governments has launched ‘Panchvati Yojna’ for senior citizens of rural areas of the state?

A- Assam

B- Haryana

C- Himachal Pradesh

D- Telangana

Ans-    C

9. Empays Payment Systems has partnered with _________ to provide cardless ATM in India?

A- Paytm

B- Mastercard

C- Visa

D- Rupay

Ans-    B

10. Who among the following won the 2020 World Food Prize?

A- Rattan Lal

B- Harshit Kumar

C- Manoj Tiwari

D- Akashdeep Gill

Ans-    A

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