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1. International Day of Women and Girls in Science is observed every year on ________.

A- 09 February

B- 10 February

C- 11 February

D- 08 February

Ans-   C

2. ‘Ajeya Warrior-2020’ is a Joint Military Exercise between India and _______.

A- Oman

B- United Kingdom

C- South Africa

D- Japan

Ans-   B

3. Which Metro rail service in India has become the second largest operational metro rail network in the country?

A- Hyderabad Metro

B- Delhi Metro

C- Kochi Metro

D- Chennai Metro

Ans-   A

4. Arun-III, is the hydropower project of which country, to be built with assistance from India?

A- Sri Lanka

B- Bhutan

C- Bangladesh

D- Nepal

Ans-   D

5. What is the name given to the cheapest gunshot locator device developed by the Army’s College of Military Engineering?

A- Parth

B- Lakshay

C- Nishan

D- Netra

Ans-   A

6. The 33rd African Union (AU) summit was held in ________.

A- Khartoum

B- Juba

C- Kampala

D- Addis Ababa

Ans-   D

7. The Pollution Control Board of which state recently received the national award for e-Governance 2019-20?

A- Odisha

B- Kerala

C- Telangana

D- Andhra Pradesh

Ans-   D

8. Which city’s police recently launched an initiative called ‘Operation Nakai’ to verify the identity of auto-drivers?

A- Mumbai

B- Ghaziabad

C- Hyderabad

D- Lucknow

Ans-   B

9. Which of the following Indian city will get India’s largest air quality monitoring network?

A- Bengaluru

B- Pune

C- Mumbai

D- Chandigarh

Ans-   C

10. The book- ‘A Child of Destiny’, which was recently released by the Indian Vice President, is an autobiography of which Indian educationist?

A- K. Ramakrishna Rao

B- Girishwar Misra

C- Amit Abraham

D- Devendra Singh

Ans-   A

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