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1.WHO and the UN postal agency release commemorative postage stamps on the 40th anniversary of eradication of which of the following diseases?

A- Smallpox

B- Malaria 

C- Tuberculosis 

D- Dengue 

Ans-   A

2. Which State Government has launched the ‘Pravasi Rahat Mitra’ App ?

A- Meghalay 

B- Uttar Pradesh 

C- Madhya Pradesh 

D- Rajasthan 

Ans-   B

3. Recently, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi expanded his powers, citing the coronavirus outbreak. He is the president of _________.

A- Indonesia 

B- Nigeria 

C- Brazil 

D- Egypt 

Ans-    D

4. Which State Government has launched the ‘CMAPP’ App ?

A- Kerala 

B- Chhattisgarh 

C- Manipur 

D- Andhra Pradesh 

Ans-    D

5. Recently, Indian, Chinese troops clashed near Naku La pass. Naku La is in __________.

A- Arunachal Pradesh 

B- Sikkim 

C- Ladakh 

D- West Bengal 

Ans-    B

6. In April 2020, India’s fuel consumption dips by _________.

A- 46%

B- 33%

C- 27%

D- 26%

Ans-   A

7. Which of the following city administration has launched the Pranavayu programme to create awareness on the need to self examine respiratory health?

A- Jaipur 

B- Bengaluru 

C- Indore 

D- Guwahati 

Ans-    B

8. Which State has banned Pan Masala for 1 Year ?

A- Andhra Pradesh 

B- Odisha 

C- Jharkhand 

D- Assam 

Ans-   C

9. Which of the following state government has decided to honour the policeman with the Karmaveer Medal who has rendered their services for thirty days in the fight against Corona?

A- Rajasthan 

B- Tamil Nadu 

C- Uttar Pradesh 

D- Madhya Pradesh 

Ans-    D

10. ICMR has partnered with which of the following drug manufacturers to develop a fully indigenous vaccine for CoronaVirus?

A- Biocon

B- Piramal Group 

C- Bharat Biotech

D- Panacea Biotech 

Ans-    C

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