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1. Recently, Supreme Court of India has asked the centre to consider deployment of which force to guard various courts of India?

A- Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

B- Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)

C- National Security Guard (NSG)

D- Indian Army

Ans- B

2. On 9th January 2020, birth anniversary of Har Gobind Khorana was observed. He won Nobel Prize in Physiology in which year?

A- 1965

B- 1968

C- 1972

D- 1988

Ans- B

3. Which airline is currently headed by Ashwani Lohani?

A- Indigo

B- Spicejet

C- Air India

D- Vistara

Ans- C

4. What is India’s projected growth rate as per first advance estimates of gross domestic product (GDP) growth for 2019-20?

A- 5%

B- 5.5%

C- 6%

D- 6.5%

Ans- A

5. According to the India Meteorological Department’s (IMD’s) Statement on Climate of India During 2019 report, Arabian Sea on India’s west coast sawa 400% rise in cyclones, a record that is repeated only after 1902. Which five cyclones hit Arabian Sea in 2019?

A-  Vayu, Pabuk, Kyarr, Bulbul and Pavan

B- Vayu, Pabuk, Kyarr, Bulbul and Fani

C- Pabuk,Vayu, Kyarr, Bulbul and Fani

D- Vayu, Hikka, Kyarr, Maha and Pavan

Ans – D

6. Election Commission recently declared February 8, 2020 as date of assembly elections in Delhi. What is the total number of seats in Delhi Legislative Assembly?


B- 67

C- 70

D- 72

Ans- C

7. The North East Natural Gas Pipeline Grid is being implemented by a joint venture of five Indian Central Public Sector Undertakings. What is the name of this joint venture firm?

A-  North-East Gas Grid Corporation (NEGGC)

B- Indian Gas Grid Company (IGGC)

C- Indradhanush Gas Grid Limited (IGGL)

D – BharadGrid Limited (BL)

Ans- C

8. The recently approved Mineral Laws (Amendment) Ordinance 2020 has done away with so called captive end-use criteria of which mineral / natural resource?

A- CoalGas

B- Hydrates

C- Natural Gas

D- Crude Oil


9. For how many times, India has emerged as winner in the Malaysia Masters badminton tournament since it began in 2009?

A- One

B- Two

C- Three

D- Four

Ans- C

10. Recently, the Government of India has issued revised guidelines for mutual legal assistance in criminal matters with other nations. At present (January, 2020) India has Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties with how many countries?

A-  32

B- 40

C- 42

D- 48

Ans- C

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